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Featured Work

Marvel Universe Live
(Theatre & Live Events)

 Marvel Universe Live is now on tour! Watch your favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Villains come to life in an action-packed arena experience, coming to cities around North America.  

Cirque Mechanics with Orchestra
(Theatre & Live Events)

 Cirque Mechanics premiered its new orchestral show with the Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra, April 19-21, 2013.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, \
(Theatre & Live Events)

"Built to Amaze", the 143rd edition of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus, is now on tour!

The Accidental Sea

"This video is haunting and beautiful. A lament for man's foolish optimism in the implacable face of nature." - Roger Ebert


Watch it on Youtube. The soundtrack is available on CD Baby, iTunes, and amazon.com.

The Temptress

A young Greta Garbo at her smoldering best as heartbreaker and man-slayer Elena. Commissioned by Turner Classic Movies as part of their Young Film Composers Competition, Michael Picton's score matches her passion for passion.

Cinemasounds 3

The new Cinemasounds collection is now out: twelve grand and uplifting orchestral tracks designed for trailers, promos and other big screen productions. 

PBS Rebrand

 An extensive musical rebrand for a favorite network.

Flash Gordon

Placing a 21st century spin on a science fiction classic, The Sci Fi Channel's contemporized version of Flash Gordon follows the all-new adventures of Steven 'Flash' Gordon and his companions, Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov. Ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances, they find themselves as Earth's last line of defense against the forces of the merciless dictator Ming.